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The Cootie Catcher's Essential Treatment


 A blend of essential oils that kill lice and helps to loosen nits. 
Our special  blend of essential oils work together to create a acidic environment that erodes the exo-skeleton of the louse and to loosen the glue which holds the nit onto the hair shaft.   Our treatment has a shelf lift of 4 years. 

 2oz Treats 1-2 people $30.00 (CND)
4oz Treats 3-4 people $40.00 (CND) 

​OMG! Nit Comb


This nit comb will be the last one that you purchase.  It is a stainless steel comb with micro-grooves that will take the louse and nits off safely from all types of hair.

 One Comb - $25.00 (CDN)

The Cootie Catcher Lice Preventive Spray


Our special  blend of essential oils that help to keep lice from crawling onto your items and person.  Just a quick spray to keep the lice away!  Lightly spray the following:  coats, hats, toques, backpacks and hair.

One Spray bottle - $15.00 (CDN)